The Choices Available in Shower Heads Today Are Many

When shopping for shower heads, make sure that you purchase the right type that will fit perfectly your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Although most are of standard size, some may require that you buy an adapter for them so that they fit. For families, it is often best to purchase the type that has the option of adjusting the flow and pattern of the water, as everyone has their own personal preference when showering. Regarding price, fixed shower heads tend to cost more because they have more components and require some installation in comparison to the cheaper hand-held variety that comes with an attached flexible hose. Most every home improvement retailer carries a pretty decent selection of showering heads and accessories, as do hardware stores a few large department stores. continue reading on

One type of that is quite popular today is the low-flow shower head. This type is designed to conserve up to 50 percent of a typical home’s average water usage compared to a standard head. A low flow shower head also can reduce the cost of a home’s energy consumption by 50 percent as well. Considered to be good for the environment, this type of shower head is generally quite inexpensive and is available with an aerator option which mixes air into the stream of water to maintain a steady pressure so that the flow has an even, full shower effect. continue reading..

ShowerTaking a shower is a quick way to get yourself clean and it can also be a very therapeutic experience as it lowers your stress levels and eases tired and aching muscles. It used to be that we had very few choices in shower heads, as typically most homes and apartments were equipped with a standard, wall-mounted type that did not offer any choices regarding water stream or high pressure. Today, however, there are many types to choose from. There are hand-held shower heads that offer multiple selections of types of water output, ranging from pulsating bursts of water to a light spray. Many people with small children prefer the hand-held variety because it allows parents to wash and rinse children’s hair while they kids are seated in the bathtub. The portable models are also ideal for washing the household pet as well. Having the long, flexible hose available also makes easy work of cleaning and rinsing the shower walls. With the new wall-mounted variety, there are dual showering heads as well as the new and very popular rainfall type of shower head which is large and wide, giving you the feeling that you are standing in the rain.

Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom is a decision that you and your family will be living with on a daily basis so it is important to take the time to look at all of your options before selecting one. There are many types to consider so it is a good idea to take a look around online or travel to your local shopping complex to see what features are offered on the different varieties.