5 Things to Know About Flow Rate When Choosing a Shower Head


Are you already tired of your old rickety shower that produces weak sprinkles instead of consistent streams of water?, you possibly need a new shower head that will provide a strong flow that can conveniently help you cool off after a hectic day or boost your spirit for a new day.  Some showerheads have adjustable settings for spray patterns ranging from a gentle mist to a forceful massage bath, even plenty of other good options abound in the market. However, failure to do the homework first before setting out to procure a rain shower head will only result in disappointment later.

Know the flows:

A 2.0 GPM, that is Gallon per minute shower head cannot reproduce same flowrate as an old and weak 3.0 GPM shower head. This mans that before setting out to market, the expected flowrate of your rain showerhead must be identified. The multi setting model which allows for adjustment of flow patterns , up to 12 settings , can be chosen for maximal experience.

Understand the laws

One thing to look out for in choosing rainfall showers is the ability to find the best of features within the ambits of the law. In some locations, retailers may be selling under a government fixed maximum, which maybe 2.5 GPM or 2 GPM as the case may be. Even large retailers sell only the lowest flows available to comply with government regulations and simplify product stocking.

Understand the water efficiency and energy impact

Using a 2.0 GPM shower instead of a 2.5 GPM , saves more than  1500 gallons of water and some sums of dollars in water and energy costs a year, for one person. This amount could go up for a larger family in energy and water costs. Hence, understanding the impact of your shower on the ecosystem is important, that 2.0 GPM shower head may just be good enough , you will likely not need a high pressure shower head . Check waste of water and energy wastage.

Understand the technology

Knowing the underlying technology behind the brand of the rainfall shower head you need, is important to get the best out  of your shower head. Specific water shower heads have been engineered to increase water flow and force distance. Others have been built to use science to generate more power without using more water, while the multisetting models allows  you adjust the flow pattern. Single setting models that comes with a fixed glow pattern are also available and alongside handheld showers. More details here: http://www.ilovemuseumglass.com/how-to-choose-the-best-low-flow-shower-head/

Know the features

Having a knowledge of the features inherent in a shower head is key in choosing a shower head that suits you, lower flow rates doesnt imply wimpy showers, some shower heads provide almost two times impact than other shower heads . Others have a limiting spray area allowing for maximum pulsation force and a deeper penetrating massage.


There are many brands of rain shower heads in the market, which will make arduous to make a choice if you have no prior knowledge of the features you want in your shower head. More than anything, going to the shower head market unprepared is not advisable.